Client’s Feedback

GTCBuyerPositiveOtherAll was well!
GTCBuyerPositiveOtherHello, my name is Lori Brown and I got my last Visa through you and was wondering if I can get an extension? I want to celebrate my birthday herein Ghana . I have a B-2 visa and was wondering how long it allows me to stay? It’s dated Dec-1-2021
GTCBuyerPositiveCustomer ServiceVisa application process was very confusing otherwise no concerns
GTCBuyerPositiveWait TimeVery convenient to use your service
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time, Quality, Customer ServiceEverything about this interaction was great! Communication, she was patient, helpful, prompt, professional,
friendly, and efficient!
My only complaint is the website. It is very confusing and difficult to get the right form,
 and the application itself is difficult to fill out without some instructions.
GTCBuyerPositiveWait TimeIt took very little time
GTCBuyerPositive Excellent
GTCBuyerPositiveOtherI’ll let you know when I receive this package.
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceIt took me a little while to finish up my visa application but it has nothing to do with you guys.
 This is my first time doing this with you guys help, everything was successfully.
I just want to thank Ghana Embassy WDC for their awesome service.
  You’re are truly dedicated to serve. And I believe that most people like me truly appreciate you guys a whole lot.
Awesome, awesome job. May the Lord bless you all.
Thanks again,  Faustina
GTCBuyerPositiveWaitTime,Quality,Customer Service
GTCBuyerPositiveQualityOnline application very easy. Advisor  helpful
GTCBuyerPositiveOtherOnline was easy however I don’t see my on the return envelope just the address on the receipt.  Thank you
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceFantastic Hospitality. Real people, I will recommend them any day!
Janet Miah.
GTCBuyerPositive Easy to follow.
GTCBuyerPositiveCustomer Serviceno comments
GTCBuyerPositiveCustomer ServiceVery easy
GTCBuyerPositiveOtherWebsite is easily navigable.
Very impressed.
GTCBuyerPositiveQuality,Customer ServiceIt was easier, quicker and faster
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceCustomer service was excellent! Very helpful!
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceSherees was professional and very helpful .
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceSherees was helpful, smart, quick and overall fabulous!
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceExcellent experience.
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceGreat Customer Service .Thank you All
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceThank you fir your kindness
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Qualityvery easy. great experience.
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServicePleasant response
GTCBuyerPositiveOtherCan I pls know if my return postage envelope is received by the Embassy.
GTCBuyerPositiveQualityGood service
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer Serviceprocessing was professional and timely
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer Serviceprocessing was professional and timely
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceVery quick turn around time for receipt
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceIt was very good but many technical problems to open visa app,
 I tried 3 times today and will have to try again tomorrow, this is not the first time
GTCBuyerPositiveCustomer ServiceFor once I was proud of Ghanaian service provided. Ghana Embassy at Washington DC, keep up the good work.
GTCBuyerPositiveCustomer ServiceDela download my documents for me when I was having trouble.
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceI only wish there was a way to speak on the telephone with some one, given
 the fact that I am of a certain age and not computer savvy. The mail box is always full at the Ghana Washington DC.
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Qualityeasy!
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceThe lady was very nice, professional
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceThe lady was very nice, professional
GTCBuyerPositiveOtherI am very fun of the new visa application processes. On the other hand, I think more work can be done.
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceGood job  for making it an electronic forms.
GTCBuyerPositiveCustomer ServiceThe customer service was just wonderful . I really appreciate the help and promptness in reaching out to me
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceReasonable fee. I hope you can deliver my return package on Monday.

GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceThanks for the receipt. Kindly send me any updates you have on returning my US passport to me at:Joseph Osei
1208 Barn Owl Dr, Fayetteville NC, 28306
Thanks. Dr Joseph Osei910-759-9443
GTCBuyerPositive How do I download the receipt
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceGreat job
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceThe friendly atmosphere at the Ghana Embassy was positively intoxicating. I love Ghana
GTCBuyerPositive Great
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceThe chat assistance is on point and remarkable!
GTCBuyerPositiveOther,Wait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceGreat job!!
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,QualityA little trouble with the pictures nevertheless everything went well
GTCBuyerPositiveQuality,Customer ServiceShe was so helpful, professional, and friendly! Thank you.
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceThank you very much
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Time,Quality,Customer ServiceSystem was customer friendly.
GTCBuyerPositiveWait Timequick and easy.
GTCBuyerPositiveOtherlooking for my return mailing receipt
GTCBuyerPositiveOtherplease l need the receipt with name and return mailing address showing.Thx